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About Us

Late Shri Kanti Swaroop Sharma and Bhardwaj family founded the farm in 1965. It was a family run farm based in Bulandshahr, we always enjoyed the reputation as one of the largest producers of grains in the region. Every year, we pick fresh ingredients and go through the entire process of making various products and jar ourselves to produce the same taste and flavor that we grew up with enjoying all our lives! 

Since we are a family run enterprise, we produce a very limited quantity every year. We try to do our best to share the same warmth, love and joy that we felt when our Grandmother used to lovingly make these handgrided atta, the vedic ghee or the jaggery for us. 

The new era

In 2019, their grandsons, Saksham and Sanchit Sharma shifted the focus of their farm and started increasing the practice of organic farming. Saksham Sharma, who holds dual masters degrees from reputed universities in the UK and Canada, was working as an investment banker in London. Sanchit, used to work as a civil engineer in the NCR region. Both brothers loved their farms and used to visit during their holidays. The love of the soil brought them together to start their own company and brand in 2019, we both decided to hang the boots and work full time for their ansysterial business. The process of taking licenses and legal work was hectic and it took a lot of their time in the initial days. We work with passion which clearly shows in our products and at our farm.

Freshness is our identity

“NO” to storage

We either produce or source your products directly from farmers, removing all middleman. This enable you to get the freshness you can taste and distinguish. We make sure your deliveries are still at one of our farms today and only harvested upon your request. We produce it. We source it. We check it. We deliver it. Nothing else in between.

Convenience of CHOICE & FRESHNESS

We offer you the option to grow and monitor your own vegetables, your own way. We offer you the choice from selection of seed to the way you want to harvest. We offer you to monitor you crops daily and receive regular updates on it through pictures and videos. Yes, you heard it right select what you eat and grow!!! Coming soon in your area!!!

Free Delivery at MRP or less
Heard the saying, ‘nothing comes free’? It’s wrong.

The delivery is always free for you, no matter what you buy from us. We make sure that you don’t extra when you order from us. The benefit goes directly to the farmers and the consumer.

You Made the Right Choice. Now, get ready FRESH everyday.

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