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What is Organic?

We strongly believe today organic farming is a movement. There is also a very big portion of society which believes that organic products are a luxury. There is also enough cynicism around with many who consider it to be fraudulent – that looting consumers in the name of organic is the new thing. We at our Farm only focus on old traditional ways before the invention of modern day poison (insecticides) and chemicals.

We live in this world and plan to work with all of these consumer groups to bring about a shift in mindsets and consumer behaviour towards what we eat! We need to understand that Organic isn’t something which is only for the rich and health conscious people. Isn’t about the food or the pockets, it’s about the mindset and the society which we live in. When we produce organic, we are helping the environment with clean air, clean water and a better future for our coming generations. It might seem heavy on our pockets right now when food mass produced by the agribusiness giants continue to dominate the market. But, we must keep demanding and producing organic, keep fighting for organic until it becomes the norm!!!!

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